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BMW reveal their new X1 M Sport car

BMW will launch their brand new X1 for the 2016 year soon and alongside this car will come the much anticipated M Sports version of the same car which is expected to go head to head with the likes of the Audi Q3 and the Nissan Qashqai. As if fans were not excited enough for the new car, this morning, BMW have revealed new images of the M version of the X1 showing just how it is going to look. The image has revealed a new paint scheme which will be exclusive to this car and will come in Metallic Blue and a chrome surrounded double kidney style grille at the front matches the colour perfectly. It looks as if nineteen inch alloy wheels were shown in the image but eighteen inch alloys will also be offered to the customer. The front bumper also receives some adjustment compared to that of the standard X1 with three new air intakes included both at the left and right ends aswell as the centre. The image of the back of the car shows off a Black back bumper with again the bumper design being altered. Dual exhaust pipes are also located at both ends.


What changes does the inside of the X1 M Sport have?

Gadgets, materials and new designs are also brought into play for the interior of the vehicle. Images were also revealed of this which shown off a leather steering wheel with a chrome finish in the centre and also multi functioning. A Blue strip is also used along the length of the cars dashboard and along the side of the door panels also. Fine Blue stitching also pairs up well with the luxury Black leather seating.


Dual zone climate control,cruise control and rear parking sensors are just some of the neat pieces of technology that can be found inside of the M Sports variant.


How much is the new M Sport X1 going to cost?

The new X1 range will go on sale from this coming October with the M Sports package adding between 4,100 Euros to 5,200 Euros to the overall price of the car. This works out at around £3,018 to £3,828 here in the United Kingdom where the car will also go on sale. BMW are yet to officially reveal the price tag that will come along with the standard X1 model when it goes on sale but we would expect to hear more on the prices closer to the cars on sale date.  

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