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BMW X1 news-La Ferrari engine upgrades-Skoda 2014 sales

News regarding the future of the brand new X1 model from BMW has recently making the headlines in the automotive world and all for good reason. The X1 is to be an addition into the companies suv division and we know some information regarding the brand new model already. Images have already been seen which show the new model in its testing stage and it appears that the brand are going for a more Sports style kind of finish. The big changes that we can see coming from the car includes a sleeker looking design which should help the car out when it comes to a dynamic and agile performance. Slim headlights and that traditional double kidney grille all carry over for the new vehicle. One of the highest expectations though is for the engine range to come along with the new car. All engines are expected to be turbocharged and we will see a mix of both diesel and petrol engines carry over to the vehicle. Both 1.5 and two litre engines are to be revealed. It has also been said that as far as the transmission systems are concerned, customers will be able to choose between the standard six speed manual gearbox or they will be offered with optional eight speed automatic setups too. We expect to see the full production ready version of the car later on this year perhaps from the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Skoda report record sales for the 2014 year

Many manufacturers around the world have been celebrating over the past number of months due to incredible sales for the 2014 year. Another manufacturer however who are joining the line up today with celebrations are Czech firm Skoda. The brand stated that for the whole twelve months world wide, they sold a figure which climbed over the one million area. 1,037,200 was the actual figure that was recorded which shows a huge increase when looking at a year on year basis. This means a climb of 12.7 percent compared to the 2013 year. Skoda have said that with new car sales reaching this level, over the duration of the next few years they will look to sell around a million and a half units. Skoda will look to climb their sales figures this year also as they launch their brand new Superb model. A big well done to Skoda.


Ferrari recall La Ferrari models

Ferrari have announced that they are to recall some of their La Ferrari models in order to upgrade the engine that comes along with the cars. The Italian sports car maker has said that all delivered models of this range so far will be recalled. The company however are not referring to this vehicle problem as an official recall and they say that without the work done, there is no serious cause of concern for owners of the car. The brand have said that work to upgrade the engine will take around eight hours but the work can be carried out as a part of the vehicles routine servicing. For any more information contact your local Ferrari dealer.


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