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Can electric cars continue the level of success they are achieving?

Over the past years we have seen a large shift in the way car sales are achieved and just which vehicles are selling out there on the streets. The market has certainly changed there is no doubt about that. One particular range of vehicle though that does seem to be grabbing the attention of many though is the electric range and hybrid vehicles. We have seen many additions into the market over the years with the likes of the Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius being two of the headline acts and sales continue to rise for the vehicles. Another particular line up which has continued to improve and impress also is plug in hybrids and all for good reason.


Sales increase for plug in hybrids

The success that the automotive industry has achieved with plug in hybrids has never been more clearer than right now with sales soaring over the duration of the past twelve months. The demand for this particular style of car has gone up by four times the demand it had achieved in 2014. For last year alone, statistics have revealed that 11,842 PHEV models and hybrids were registered. When we compare that to a year on year basis, this is a percentage climb of a huge 417 percent. To put that into perspective, only 2,838 units were sold in 2013.


In terms of what this means for the car industry and sales growth in general, last month was the 39th consecutive month that sales on new cars continue to climb here in Britain. 198,70 models were sold in the UK last month with the top selling car being the Ford Fiesta. This means a climb of 2.4 percent in new car sales when compared with a year on year basis.


What was the best selling plug in hybrid?

The figures also revealed that the best selling plug in hybrid model in the range was the I-Miev from Mitsubishi with more than eleven thousand units sold over the past year compared to that of the 4,700 that were sold in 2014. This is great news for the hybrid market and electric vehicle segment and with sales like these being reported and such a good reputation, we see the range continuing to grow over the coming years potentially over taking diesel and petrol engines within perhaps the next decade.  

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