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Ferrari reveal the brand new F60 America model

In order to celebrate sixty years of the Ferrari F12, the luxury sports car brand have officially revealed their brand new F60 America model. In an interesting note here though, the vehicle was officially put on sale just last week and already the car is completely sold out. Ferrari have always been one of the car industries leaders when it comes to producing high performance based sports cars and have been one of the main rivals for other sports car brands such as Lamborghini and Mazda in the past.


The new reveal of the vehicle itself shows the car in a different variation of what we are accustomed to for the vehicle line up and it also contains some brand new features that have helped to sell the car out completely in a very quick time.


What are the very special features of the Ferrari F60?

So regarding some of these brand new features that find a place in the car in order to celebrate sixty years of success there are some very special looks and design structures to the car included. The vehicle is available as an open top convertible and the interior of the car shows a dual colour scheme with the left drivers seat coming in that classic Ferrari Red design an the passenger seat has been made Black with the USA striping going down along the centre of the seat. Both the dashboard and scheme around the gear selector all come in a Bright Red and Black colour scheme.


A brand new front grille taken from the Ferrari California can now also be found and brand new tail lights also find a place in the F60. If you are looking at the vehicle from the outside, the main changes that you can expect to see included a brand new bonnet, side vents and a brand new set of diamond cut wheels too.


Its not just looks and designs that the Ferrari firm are known for though as we see that the car also delivers when it comes to flat out power and performance statistics. We see that the car is made available with a 6.3 litre V12 engine unit as standard. A seven speed, dual clutch automatic transmission system can also be found in the America which thanks to this combining with the engine unit, sees the car develop a whopping 730 brake horse power.


Well designed,luxurious and sporty is the best way to describe the new Ferrari America model and given the sheer amount of power and ability that the car carries, companies such as Lamborghini and the Aston Martin brand will certainly have some top flight competition on their hands thanks the Ferrari America.


How much did Ferrari put the America model on sale for?

As we stated earlier, the brand new America model officially went on sale last week over in America and has sold out already. The purchase price to come along with the car came in at a huge $2.5 million which equally works out here in the UK at £1.5 million.  

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