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Ford launching six new models, drink drive limits and the new RAC garage comparison

Ford have announced that they are to introduce a total of six brand new vehicles onto our road in just over the course of next year alone. This news has came in at the same time as the Suzuki corporation have also announced their plans to introduce six models over the space of the next three years. It has been confirmed that the addition of six new models from the American auto maker in 2015 will be the busiest year for the company over the course of the past twenty years. From the beginning of the year, we will see the arrival of a facelifted version of both the Focus and the Focus ST.


The brand new Mondeo model will also arrive in the UK from early on into the course of next year too. Ford's upmarket Vignale model will come into play half way through the year and history will be achieved with the arrival of the new Mustang for the first time ever on UK soil. Both the C Max and the S Max will also arrive in the forms that they were shown in at the Paris motor show this year.


The drink drive limit to be reduced?

Road safety groups have been voicing their opinions recently on the matter of learning more about driverless vehicles on the roads and more importantly on reducing the limit for drink drivers on our roads. The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety have been putting forward their opinions on these matters to the government ahead of the next general election next year. These are the areas that the government are wanted to focus on in order to help improve road safety around the country.


The current drink driving limit in the United Kingdom is set at 80mg of alcohol in the blood system. PACTS are wanting to lower this limit to 50mg. This in our opinion would be a good move to make as drink driving is one of the highest causes of accidents on our roads and reducing this limit could very well help to reduce the number of accidents and casualties. The group have said that this could very well save at least 40 human lives a year.


Driving whilst under the influence can seriously affect your awareness of the traffic,public and goings on around you which is why it is against the law to drink drive. What do you think about this ruling, do you think that the drink driving limit should be changed?. Let us know what you think over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


The RAC launch a new garage comparison system

The RAC breakdown company has launched a brand new Garage comparison website in which customers can check price comparisons between some of the most well known garages in the country. The website will be used in order to check prices for such things as an MOT which will then allow the customer to book an appointment online. It has been reported that the RAC have contacted over 10,000 garages with hopes of getting them on board with the scheme. Prices and service standards can also be compared via the website which is available to both RAC and non RAC customers. The status of a chosen garage has also been confirmed to be updated in real time which would mean the very best service expected and upto date information on a chosen garage in your region.   

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