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Ford Mustang prices in the UK have been leaked

This year marks a tremendous occasion for the automotive industry in general, the Ford brand and drivers in the United Kingdom. Ford are set to make history this year by introducing the popular Mustang model for the very first time ever. The popular muscle car is fifty years old in the United States so Europe are looking to celebrate this achievement too with the UK launch. This week though, some exciting news has emerged which has revealed the price tag that will officially come along with the car. The price to come along with the European version of the Mustang has been leaked online and state that prices on the vehicle will begin from 34 thousand euros which is equivalent to around £26,500 here in the UK.


Ford Mustang specifications

Ford have confirmed that with the new UK version of the Mustang , the brand are set to offer two engines for the vehicle with one consisting of a 2.3 litre Ecoboost unit and the second including a five litre powerful V8 engine providing 420bhp. The UK version will come as a right hand drive model compared to the typical left hand drive offered in the States. The new Mustang is expected to be a very popular seller for customers not just in Britain but on other markets that the muscle car will go on sale for too. This version of the car will be its sixth generation model for a vehicle that has been well established for a long time.


Ford Mustang rivals

With such a vast amount of power to be produced from the new Mustang there are many openings available in terms of competition for the car on the UK market. Some of these include the newly redesigned Nissan 370Z Nismo and the Audi A5 which between them produce 565 horse power combined. This is just over one hundred units compared to what the Mustang produces on its own. With top speeds for both the A5 and the 370Z limited at 155,it comes as no surprise that the Mustang is restricted to the same. The Mustang will be available in nine colour options however the Red,Black and Yellow options are expected to be the best sellers amongst the selections. A convertible version of the car is also to go on sale which would come in very handy during a hot Summer season.   

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