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Is the Skoda Yeti the best in its class?

We all know just how well the SUV division has really excelled over the past number of years and it has brought us some brand new competition from a range of companies including Nissan and Peugeot. Another company who have tried their hand in the segment and have proven to be very successful are Czech firm Skoda. That is why today we are taking a look at the Yeti model which first made production in 2009. It has also gone on record as being one of the safest vehicles that the company offer by being awarded a five star Euro NCAP rating. One of the latest versions of the car to go on sale arrived in 2014 and today this is the version of the car that we are going to take a look at.


What special features does the Yeti bring to the market?

For the new model that was launched in 2014, we seen Skoda carry over some of the traditional diesel engines and they also incorporated even more powerful petrol engines into the model. A 1.8 litre,TSI petrol engine is now also put on offer with the Yeti and also runs on a four wheel drive platform. However the most powerful diesel unit that Skoda offer carries a capacity of two litres and is available in one of three power outputs. 109, 138 or 168 brake horse power.


Looking into other areas of the vehicle, we also see that the Yeti is offered with a keyless entry system,a parking assistance system and if you opt into the Elegance trim level you can also expect to receive Bi Xenon headlights. The brand do offer optional extras across their range also which include the likes of a new stereo system which is equipped with a total of twelve speakers. Both front and side air bags aswell as ABS as standard are just some of the highlights that helped the car to achieve a five star Euro NCAP rating.


How much is the Skoda Yeti and how does it impact the SUV market?

Prices for this particular version of the Yeti begin from £16,600 and continue to rise depending on optional extras and trim levels chosen. The Yeti has made up for a good number of sales for Skoda over the past year and has proven to be a popular alternative to some other models in the same division such as the Soul from Kia and the Suzuki S Cross. It offers some great practicality and economy and could be a constant stay in the future of Skoda.  

The Skoda Yeti

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