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Jaguar all set to launch the brand new Project 7 Ride model

Today we take a look into the British car firm Jaguar and an upcoming vehicle release for them which is due to occur in the summer time of next year. This vehicle makes it's way to you in the shape and form of the brand new Project 7 Ride model.


It is officially available to pre purchase right now from you local Jaguar dealership and could prove to be a good car to invest your money into next year if you are looking for something more power and performance based than anything else. Jaguar have always combined comfort and power together and produced some of the most memorable driving experiences on the road today. We have seen this demonstrated time and time again with additions to the world such as the XE and the XJ. They are a brand known across the globe thanks to their success and we believe that judging by what we know so far about next years Project 7 model, brand recognition could be very well set to increase even higher than ever before.


What will help the Jaguar Project 7 Ride make an impact?

So with us stating this car is manly focused on the power side of the vehicle world, we will begin by having a look at what gets this car revving. Firstly engine wise we see the addition of a 5.0 litre, V8, Supercharged engine that is capable of reaching all round top speeds of 186 miles per hour which comes along side a very quick sprint time from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just 3.8 seconds. 567Bhp is the total power delivery to make it's presence known with this particular model and we also see 680NM of Torque delivered also. An eight speed,automatic transmission system also comes along with this rear wheel drive variant.


Forged 20 inch alloy wheels, ceramic brakes and mono bloc braking calipers are also three of the three features that help when it comes to performance rates. The Jaguar firm have proven to be some top sources of competition over the years for other companies such as the likes of Audi and Mercedes however, can they maintain that with this new model release next year? We have a strong feeling it could very well be the case.


When can you purchase the Jaguar Project 7 Ride model?

Right now is the short reply to that question. You can pre purchase this particular model right now with a first set of deliveries expected to arrive sometime throughout the course of Summer 2015. In regards to a price tag that will land with the Project 7, expect to purchase this super quick car for a price of £135,000.

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