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Jaguar Land Rover investment-Mercedes AMG GT Black Edition-Aston Martin DB9 replacement

Jaguar-Land Rover have announced a £600 million investment into their research and development side of things which will span across the United Kingdom across three different manufacturing plants. This comes as big news for the British company as they have announced the arrival of 1,300 new jobs around the country as they begin the development of the brand new F Type model. £400 million of this investment will be spent on the companies Castle Bromwich plant. A lot of this investment money will be aimed at producing both the new XE and XF models here in the United Kingdom. The companies ADDC centre in Coventry will also be treated to some of the investment as will another factory in the West Midlands. This funding will help to see both Jaguar and Land Rover produce more vehicles in order to meet the demand for the aforementioned vehicles.


Mercedes testing a new AMG GT?

A new Mercedes model has been spotted testing at the world famous Nurburgring under a lot of disguise and for the moment there is a slight mystery element behind the car as nobody is aware of just what the new model is. The expectation and belief right now is that this spied model is the new Black Edition to the companies AMG GT range which has been announced by the mass manufacturer a number of weeks ago. The only things that were confirmed for the model was the aero dynamic package that the company have included with the new model. The images were posted online and revealed the additions of a rear diffuser,new exhaust pipes and a re designed bumper. If this model was the AMG GT Black Edition then underneath the bonnet we can find a twin turbocharged, four litre V8 engine which will also be paired up to a much smoother transmission system. As soon as we get more news and confirmation on this spied model, we will keep you up to date with all of the latest.


Aston Martin DB9 replacement spotted?

Mercedes are not the only company to take to the Nurburgring this week, another vehicle surrounded by mystery has also been a big talking point from British manufacturer Aston Martin. A new model in Black has been spied flying around the world famous track and is believed to be the new replacement for the DB9. This news has not been confirmed and the company are refusing to speak on the new model for now. If this is the DB9 replacement, we can confirm that the new model would be running on a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. With shorter side skirts also being one of the big changes made to the car. The model that was spied testing has been confirmed to be carrying a V12 engine but there has been some speculation that a new V8 engine could make its way to the DB9 replacement. For now Aston are remaining quiet on the spied model but judging by how finished the car looked on the track, there is a chance that we may see this vehicle make a grand debut perhaps later on this year. More on this story as and when we have it.  

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