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Jaguar XE service plan-Jeep Renegade concept-ABT Volkswagen Passat

The XE is set to be one of Jaguar's most popular vehicles of the year and the company are helping to promote the brand new vehicle by introducing a new service plan for the range as a part of the firms aftersales treatment. It has been stated that the servicing of the XE is required once every two years or if the car hits a total mileage of 21,000 before this time. Jaguar have however announced a service plan which will cost you £475. The service plan is designed as an added extra after initial warranty but does work slightly differently. The new service plan is only available up until 50,000 miles has been reached on the new Jaguar XE but if you are a corporate or business customer, the new service plan can be purchased for £659 which is available over five years and until the clock hits 75,000 miles. So what do you think?. Does this make you want to make the purchase on a new XE model?. Let us know your thoughts on these extras brought into play by the British firm.


A newly updated Volkswagen Passat to take to the stage

Car tuning companies are set to hold a very important place in the Geneva Motor Show 2015 which gets underway from tomorrow. We know of Brabus who are updating a host of Mercedes Benz modes. Another tuner that will be on hand from the big event though is a company named ABT. The news was today confirmed that they have been hard at work on developing a newly updated, Volkswagen Passat. Some of the biggest changes made take an effect with the engine and power that it gives out. We do also see new updates to the bodywork design of the car too. Engine and performance wise,the car will carry the same two litre diesel engine but the big difference is that power has now been updated meaning that the standard 237bhp produced by the standard model has now been boosted to see an increase power output of 276 brake horse power deliverance.


Handling has also been made much better by new suspension springs resulting in a smoother and softer driving experience. Throw in new back and side skirting, front and back bumpers and alloy wheels in a twenty inch size. However both cast and forged alloys have been confirmed but increase in size by one inch. No price or launch has been confirmed by either Volkswagen or ABT but we may hear more on this at the cars reveal this week.


The unique Jeep Renegade concept

We all know the Jeep Renegade for being one of the most efficient and reliable 4x4 vehicles that is on offer in Britain. The company have however revealed a new concept design of the same vehicle but in a unique way, the new model is equipped with a trailer sharing the same back end of the car itself. It is difficult to explain exactly what this is and it is uncertain whether the idea will make production in the future. The main purpose of the new idea is to show off some new accessories that can be equipped with the Renegade which this particular feature coming as what looks to be a trailer carrying a touch screen system inside which Jeep will use to live broadcast their Geneva Motor Show conference.


The car itself does however receive some nice updates which include new alloy wheel designs, redesigned bumpers,roof rails and new vents located into the bonnet which are all now finished in a new Black design. Leather seating can be found on the inside of the car but not just ordinary leather. Jeep have developed new material which makes it look as if the leather has been worn out over the years much like when leather goes flat and has a rugged look. That is the kind of design that Jeep has gone for with this Renegade concept. Built in wifi with media streaming including internet radio are included with the model. We would expect that the car is a one off for Geneva this week but there is always possibility for a launch in the future.

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