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Lotus developing a new racer-BMW weight reduction techniques-Volkswagen engine plans

There is strong reports coming out which suggests that the Lotus brand are planning the development of a brand new track sports car which will go under the name of the 3-Eleven. The plans for the new car suggest that we could see it arrive as early as next year but it would come with a bit of a cost estimated at around the £70,000 area. Lotus will be following up to their 2-Eleven model which they designed eight years ago with this new model which is to be a two seater vehicle. It is expected that the car would be made available for the road but only with adjustments bought and paid for by the driver. A V6 sized engine carrying 3.5 litres of fuel has however been confirmed for the car which is the same unit which can be found underneath the bonnet of both the Exige S and the Evora designed by Toyota. Information remains quite slim for the 3-Eleven as Lotus refuse to give anything more away at the moment. With an expected debut set to occur next year though, it would not surprise us to hear more on the new racer later on into the course of this year.


Volkswagen reveal new engine plans for future vehicles

Volkswagen has let the cat out of the bag by revealing some brand new engines that the firm are set to use in some of their more luxury vehicles in their line up. A brand new W12 unit that will carry six litres of fuel has been revealed for the line up aswell as a new petrol unit packing 270 brake horse power. The news was also broken that the new W12 unit would also find its place in further Audi and Bentley models further down the line. According to Volkswagen, the new engines will also be paired up to the use of stop/start technology and will use direct injection systems. The cars to use the technology has not been revealed by the German firm as of yet but we are hearing rumours that the new W12 will make its debut in the brand new, Bentley suv driving under the name of the 'Bentayga'.


BMW aiming for weight reduction with the new 5 and 3 Series models

BMW will launch their brand new 7 Series model next year and it a main area of focus for the new car will be around the lightweight materials used for the vehicle. However, we are now hearing that both the 5 and 3 Series upcoming models will also benefit from much of the same weight reduction techniques. Both aluminium and carbon fibre materials are going to be used on both new models which will help to increase power and agility of both upcoming vehicles. We have not heard about the power rates to come from either car as of yet, but with weight reduction being a big priority for the firm, we expect to see some good impressive times when the vehicles are tested and speed results are revealed.  

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