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The Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE concept revealed

Volkswagen have revealed their brand new mystery concept vehicle from Geneva today which is making its way to you in the form of the new Sport Coupe GTE model. The brand new vehicle is said to be a direct replacement for the current CC based on the Passat and the belief is that this concept vehicle holds a very strong chance of making it onto the production line in the future. We have today heard of information regarding what engine will power the car and we also know of some new added pieces of kit that also graces the Sport Coupe GTE with its presence. The sports style vehicle is very large which means plenty of space for the family. Leg and headroom benefits greatly from the vehicles sheer size. Displayed in a bright Yellow paint design with large multi spoke alloy wheels, this could be one of the nicest looking models that Volkswagen have ever put on show in Geneva.


What features can you expect to find inside the Sport Coupe GTE concept?

So regarding what features stand out the most to us with the new Sports Coupe, the first item on the agenda we would like to look into is the engine. Carrying a V6 sized,three litre turbocharged petrol engine, the GTE is guaranteed to deliver some serious power. Running on a four wheel drive platform, two electric motors have also been confirmed to rest next to the engine. The engine alone will see 295bhp delivered. The first electric motor gives out 54hp and the second with 114bhp. When we combined the three outputs we got a result of 374bhp. Much like the same system which can be found across some Golf models, the confirmed transmission is a DSG automatic setup. Full LED headlights joined by LED lighting surrounding the air intake panels are also included as two of the most eye catching features of the car. Interior images reveal a suede Grey cabin including the seats, dashboard and steering wheel which also carries some wood finish aswell as the doors and centre console.


What are the chances of the Sports Coupe GTE making production?

Volkswagen did not confirm whether the new car would make it into production in the near future but considering how well the vehicle had been designed and how much of a finished product the car was looking,we would not be surprised to hear an announcement of the production of this model in the future.  

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