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Mercedes Maybach SUV-Bentley sports car concept-Rinspeed 'Budii' revealed

The excitement from the Geneva Motor Show is slowly calming down now and with so many vehicles going on display from the big event, there may be some big cars that you may have missed that may have been caught up in the shuffle. For us one of these vehicles was a two seater sports car concept from Bentley given the name of the Exp ten speed 6. The car is going down a different route compared to what we can expect from Bentley but with the news of their new SUV reaching production, anything can happen. The brand have stated that they would like to see this model go into production in the future but there is no confirmation that this is the car to make it or whether design ques would be taken from the vehicle. Shown in a metallic Green paint job featuring the traditional large front grille and large wheels, the interior is also packed out with the latest in luxury and comfort with a full leather cabin in a tan colour being included. The new model is expected by the brand to go into production within the next three years and has been said to be a model that will sit alongside the Continental GT. Although not announced for the time being, a V8 sized four litre, twin turbocharged engine is expected to be included. This is a vehicle that shows a new direction for the luxury car maker which could also open the doors to even more models in the future.


The Mercedes Maybach to include an SUV?

Mercedes Benz made the headlines last year by announcing that they are to bring back the Maybach name to some future models. As much as the excitement was at the time and still is to this day, the news of the revival has just gotten even better with the idea that the company may also introduce a Maybach SUV model for the range too. It is highly expected that this new model will see a launch over the next number of years and we know that the car will be based on that of the GLS. So far for the Maybach revival we know that a new S Class will be the first in line to receive the name but other models in the range apart from the SUV are being kept quiet for the time being. No time-scale as to when we could expect to see the new SUV on the road has been given but it is certainly a vehicle we will be looking forward to seeing.


The Rinspeed 'Budii' sees its grand reveal

Another vehicle that was shown for the first time in Switzerland last week was the new autonomous model from the Rinspeed company who shown their 'Budii' model to the world Over the past number of months we have heard some news on the new model but one thing we didn't know but we do now is that the car comes to us in SUV form. Rinspeed have teamed up with some of the worlds best gadget companies to make the 'Budii' an unforgettable experience. One of the big areas of focus though is on the air suspension system which allows the driver to adjust riding height to a limit that suits them the best. This is all paired to a camera scanner that rises from the roof and judges the road surface ahead to adjust the suspension itself for smoothness. More technology includes being able to pre warm the battery in the car via the use of a smartwatch or smartphone and the doors open and close electrically. We don't expect to see the 'Budii' make it onto the road anytime soon but this certainly opens up opportunities for even more technology in future cars.

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