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Bentley GT concept-Self driving car at Geneva-Paris to ban older vehicles

Bentley Motors will officially unveil a brand new GT sports concept model live next month from the Geneva Motor Show. The news has recently surfaced which shows a little more of what the car is all about. It is a vehicle that is rumoured to go head to head with some of the biggest and brightest sports cars on the road right now including additions from Italian firm Ferrari. It is expected that power for the car will be sent via a V8 twin turbocharged engine meaning a power putout of around 500bhp.The same engine can also be found across some other vehicles in Bentley's current range. It is a little early to tell whether the vehicle will make it onto the production line in the future but Bentley may very well be awaiting any response from fans before they make a decision. Other technical information is a little scarce for the moment but we will know a lot more as soon as the Geneva Motor Show is over.


Self driving electric car to debut in Geneva

Geneva is very much the theme as we approach the big event in just one months time. There are a host of manufacturers on the hand at the big event this year and it is looking to be one of the most exciting shows in the past number of years. It delivers everything from sports cars to new technology and that is exactly where our focus is for the time being. Swedish company Rinspeed revealed last year that they were working on the development of an all new, self driving electric car. They have made leaps and bounds in the process and will show of the car for the very first time in March. The new car has been given the name of the 'Buddi'. The 'Budii' will look to bring new highlights to the technology world as it has been revealed a smartphone app will allow the driver to control the temperature inside of their car via their phone. Rinspeed will also look to take the EV to new heights with a system which allows the car to check its surrounding and adjust the suspension system and other areas which will for the car to act more appropriately with its on or off road surface and surroundings.


It has also been announced that for the first time ever, the steering wheel can be switched either to the left or right hand side to provide a different driving experience. Rinspeed are certainly looking to take the EV world to the next level and although we could be a few years away from a launch onto the road, we are still excited to see the new technology that the firm have been developing.


France cut down on city pollution

The country of France has recently been in the news with their statement that in the future, Diesel vehicles could be set to be banned from their roads. It has also been announced this week that starting from this year, Paris will see a drop in pollution as the city will be banning older vehicles from its roads. Lorries,coaches and buses will be first in line for the chop if they were registered before the 30th September 2001. These will then be followed up by vans trucks and passenger cars affecting all models produced before December in 19996 and September 1997. Paris will look to do much of the same in the future with changes also set to affect motorcycles over the next number of years too. This is a big step in making Paris a pollution free city but do you agree with the new changes being put in place or do you think we should do much of the same here in the United Kingdom?. Let us know via Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.  

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