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Mercedes reveal new pickup truck-Alpina special edition BMW models-the budget 2015 affecting motorists

Mercedes Benz have today made history in the automotive industry by being the first German manufacturer to reveal new mid sized pickup truck model to be launched onto the road. The brand today revealed designed images and stated that they were producing the new model. Alongside the reveal, the company also suggested that the new model will be going on sale from 2017. Design wise from the images revealed, it shows that the brand have taken a similar approach to that of their suv range but power wise, no comment has been made as of yet apart from the news that four and six cylinder engines will be on offer all coming in the form of petrol units. The news has been revealed though that this pickup truck would run amongst the commercial vehicle range for the company which carries some of their van models. We look forward to seeing what the brand can come up with for this new pickup truck and just how well it will be received by the public.


Alpina reveal new special edition vehicles

Alpina the tuning company who are famous for their work on BMW vehicles are this week celebrating their fiftieth birthday and what better way to celebrate than by revealing two new updated vehicles. That is exactly what Alpina have come up with and the two models come in the form of the B5 and B6 Bi-Turbo models. These two new models will make history for the tuning company by being the most powerful vehicles ever created by them. The news has been confirmed that both models will give out a top speed of 204 miles per hour. Regarding more power from both cars,power adjustments have been made to the 4.4 litre V8 engines which now sees a whopping 592 brake horse power developed. This is an increase by 60bhp which helps the cars make that all important sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a great time of 4.2 seconds. Alpina have also added new inter coolers to the engines which allow for both models to keep flowing air through keeping the engines cool even when travelling at high speeds. A set of brand new, twenty inch alloy wheels can also be found on both vehicles. It is safe to say that the B5 and the B6 Bi-Turbo are looking amazing and we expect them to handle in the same manner.


What does the new 2015 budget mean to you as a car driver?

The Government's Chancellor George Osborne has announced the 2015 budget and it can be seen as some good news for vehicle drivers around the country. Several areas that vehicle owners can relate to were brought up with the new budget with one of the big statements being made was that a £100 million funding has been invested into the research and development of new autonomous vehicles. The Government also stated that for some rural areas in the United Kingdom where petrol tends to cost somewhat more than city areas, prices of fuel would be set to be reduced. Seventeen rural areas around the country will be affected and it was stated that retailers of the fuel would be eligible to apply for a five pence reduction per litre of fuel. More classic cars have also been made tax exempt due to their age. The Government have stated that if your vehicle was registered before the 1st of January 1976 then you will be exempt from paying road tax, good news for old car fans for sure. These are just some of the announcements that were made affecting the automotive industry with this years budget but what do you think about these latest rulings?. Give us your opinion on these new changes being brought into play.


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