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Mitsubishi reveal the brand new Showgun SWB Barbarian model

Exciting news today breaking this afternoon from Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi regarding a brand new vehicle addition to their Showgun range. The mass manufacturer has officially confirmed that the Showgun line up is all set to receive a brand new addition to the range and it will come in the form of the brand new SWB Barbarian. The Mitsubishi brand have proven to be a jack of all trades over the years when it comes down to different vehicle varieties.


These consist of the likes of the Animal, the Warrior and from the sporty side of things the Evolution which has proven to be the best rival for the recently returning WRX model from Subaru. What will this brand new Showgun SWB Barbarian model have to offer you as the customer though that could help tempt you into making a purchase on one of these vehicles?


The features announced for the Mitsubishi SWB Barbarian

So what new features come along with the Barbarian model that you should keep an eye out for and that could potentially put this vehicle high up in the top spots amongst other brands such as Vauxhall and Citroen? Well firstly engine wise, only one engine option is made available for the all new Barbarian and we see this come in the form of a 3.8 litre diesel. The vehicle however, will be made available with the choice of either a five speed manual or electric transmission system and it comes your way in the form of a four wheel drive variant.


Some other key pieces of equipment to come along with the Barbarian that could prove to be vital selling points include the likes of 20 inch gloss Black, alloy wheels. You can also expect to receive an all leather interior with carbon inserts that really set the interior of the model off. Lastly the additions of a DAB digital radio and alloy pedals are also a welcome one.


How much will the Mitsubishi SWB Barbarian sell for brand new?

We are firstly excited to bring you the good news that the Mitsubishi Barbarian is officially on sale right now. Last but not least, you can purchase one of these models brand new for a price range starting from £31,999.

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