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New engines for Dodge and Alfa Romeo models

Manufacturers are constantly striving to beat each other in terms of speed and power, creating and installing new engines onto old or new models in an effort to make the fastest vehicles. This week sees Dodge and Alfa announcing new engines for their models. Here's a brief overview of both news stories.


Dodge Challenger to receive Hellcat V8?


Underneath it's retro styling, the Dodge Challenger is actually several years old. It's RWD platform dates back to the days of Daimler-Chyrsler. As such, the Challenger is set receive some major upgrades for 2015, to bring it up to date and help it compete against the new Ford Mustang.


The base V6 model will come with a new eight speed automatic that will help lower the 0-60mph times to around 6.6 seconds. Fuel economy may also be improved as well, reaching a predicted 31mpg. Even the company's 5.7 and 6.4 litre Hemi V8s are due a minor power boost, with both being offered an eight speed as well as the familiar six speed manual.


The new 6.2 litre V6 capable of producing over 650 brake horse power, internally called the 'Hellcat V8', will likely arrive at some point soon but only in very limited numbers, and priced at 'over £70,000.' It may also find it's way to the Charger but not the 300.


Alfa Romeo models to gain Ferrari engines?


In an effort to make the upcoming Alfa Romeo models really stand out from rivals from Germany, parent company Fiat is pushing hard to make the models more appealing in all respects. As such one of the main developments in future performance orientated Alfa Romeos could see the vehicles utilize Ferrari engines.


While none of the manufacturers have confirmed or denied the suggestions, inside sources have confirmed that CEO Sergio Marchionne believes the use of Ferrari sourced engines is the best way to broaden the appeal of the Italian manufacturer in the midst of a complete model overhaul and relaunch.


A professor at Bocconi University and former head of Fiat's archives, Guiseppe Berta, commented, “This is the last chance for Alfa Romeo. Marchionne's bet is a long shot. To beat the German premium brands, he needs to make Alfa unique. His best chance is Ferrari engines and Italian design.”


As part of Alfa Romeo's revival, the company is predicted to release at least six brand new models in the coming five years. Included will be two SUVs with Alfa Romeo reportedly targeting to sell 300,000 cars in the next five years. As part of the relaunch, Alfa Romeo could stop production of its MiTo and Giuletta.


We'll keep you updated with any new engine changes as they are announced.

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