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New Seat Ibiza engine revealed-DS suv and saloon plans-Toyota's new Prius

Images have surfaced online which shows what appears to be the next in line to join the Toyota Prius line-up. The new range addition was spotted on the streets of Thailand wearing some disguise covering up what appears to be the new changes brought to the vehicle. Judging by the shape of the vehicle underneath the disguise though, it is definitely the new Prius. Shape wise, the car looks exactly the same as the very first Prius. The only thing that has really been confirmed is the new architecture platform that the car will run on. This has been confirmed to be the brands TNGA platform which has been designed to make vehicles more lightweight than ever before. This should play a big role in the agility and overall performance of the new car but until performance rates and statistics are revealed, we will not know for sure. We look forward to hearing more about the new Prius and will bring you all of the latest as and when we have it.


Engine confirmed for the new Seat Ibiza

Seat are set to launch a new revised version of their Ibiza model near the end of this year and there has been speculation on what engine will be included with the car for many months now. This week however, the brand confirmed the engine to come along with the new car will be a 1.8 litre TSI engine which will officially replace the current 1.4 litre engine found underneath the bonnet. This time, a six speed manual gearbox will also be offered with the revised Ibiza it was announced. With this new engine announced, it is clear to see that Seat have the driving experience the car gives out in mind and they will also help to add to the excitement by tweaking the suspension system inside of the vehicle also. Features such as bodywork updates and an all new infotainment system inside of the Ibiza will also come into play with the new model which goes on sale this year.


DS outline their future vehicle plans

DS are now known for being their own stand alone brand. For many years they were in partnership with Citroen, that was until they both agreed to part ways last year. Models such as the DS5 and the DS3 have been the results of this partnership and many have questioned which way DS will take their vehicle range in the future as they are now working on their own. This question has been answered this week as the firm stated that in the future, they will be looking at the likes of suv and saloon models. Arnaud Ribault the head of global sales and marketing for the brand said that by the year 2020 they would like a model line up carrying six different models in total and also said that they would focus on suv and sedan's. He also confirmed that one of these suv models would be making its way to the European market further down the line also but not exact time scale was given as to when this could be. With so many brands joining the suv market, it would be a wise move for DS to also want a piece of the action but will they make an impact when they do finally join it?.

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