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Rolls Royce and the Ghost series II

Rolls Royce are one of if not the most recognised car brands around the world especially when it comes to the luxury vehicle sector. We have seen the brand launch many big selling vehicles over the years with one of the biggest and well known being the Phantom. One vehicle that has proven to be a bigger and better seller though is the addition of the Ghost.


The very first version of this car was put on sale around the world back in 2009 and as of 2013 the car continued to break sales records for Rolls Royce consecutively. 4,000 units of the new Ghost series II are expected to be sold in 2014. The brand new Ghost contains the class of other Rolls Royce models from the past and as you can expect from such a high calibre brand, comfort and power are two of the main focal points when it comes to looking into what Rolls Royce have done to the new Ghost model during production.


The brand new features to keep an eye out for with the Ghost series II

With it being a brand new addition to the Rolls Royce line up, we will first have a look underneath the bonnet of the car and into just what it is that helps this new Ghost addition live up to its predecessors. Power wise, Rolls Royce have included the fitting of a 6.6 litre,twin turbo V12 unit which sees 563 brake horse power has a deliverance of 780NM of Torque delivered to the rear wheels of the car.


An eight speed automatic transmission system is also included with the car which helps the Ghost series II to reach a speed limit overall of 155 miles per hour. The telling figure here though is the time in which it takes the Ghost to reach that important 62mph zone from a standing start. A good 4.8 second time is all that is need to achieve this.


Some changes have been made to the exterior of the Ghost too which we see come as slimmer LED headlights and a redesigned front bumper. There has been an increase of 30mm on the front grille of the Ghost and new creases have been included in the bodywork of the car which are all included to try and help increase aero dynamics and agility of the Ghost. With Rolls Royce being one of the most luxurious car brands on the market right now, we have seen them celebrate much success and have even stood tall amongst other brands like Bentley and British firm Jaguar. The Ghost series II definitely brings the fight to a range of manufacturers once more and we believe that the car could very well prove to be one of the most own luxury vehicles of all time.


How does the Ghost series II look in terms of value for money?

As you can expect from a Rolls Royce vehicle, there is quite a large price tag that comes along with the vehicle but if you have the funds available it could definitely be worth spending the £216,864 on the new Ghost which is available to buy right now.  

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