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The battle of the best..Ford vs Kia vs Hyundai

We have a very special post for you today. Rather than focusing on just the one vehicle, we have today come up with three top selling compact city car vehicles and have pitted them off against one another. We are today making it our goal to find out which vehicle is better. Is it the Fiesta from Ford, the Kia Rio or the Hyundai i20?. All three certainly hold a strong place in the city car segment there is no questioning this. All three offer great value for money, all have decent kit and all have proven to be great sellers. So to begin today with our first entrant we give to you the Ford Fiesta.


The Fiesta's success goes without saying. It has been on offer since 1976 making it one of the American car markers longest running vehicles. We are now seven different generations down the line and it is still dominating the market. So much so that it was revealed last year to be the best selling car in the UK ever. Giving out some of the latest in Ecoboost technology with a 1.0 litre unit,the Fiesta offers good all round efficiency and economy. Safety does not lack either with a total of six airbags also fitted. A lot of cars in this day and age focus heavily on equipment and tech. The Fiesta is no different. Different trim levels are offered across the range but overall some of the best pieces of kit to be found in the car include seventeen inch alloy wheels, automatic windscreen wipers,leather seating, automatic headlights,parking sensors and push button start technology. The Fiesta is reasonably priced with costs kicking off from £10,145.


Contender two.. the Hyundai i20

The i20 is one of the newer cars on the list with being produced since 2008. Some may argue that the car does not have the experience and the big name that Ford's supermini has but this has not held back the car, oh no. With the i20 remaining updated and fresh with new content and technology, the i20 may deliver an experience like no other. A range of choice including petrol and diesel engines comes into play with 1.2 and 1.4 petrols available aswell as 1.4 diesels also being taken into consideration. Depending on which variant you choose, either manual or automatic transmission systems are available to choose from. Much like the Fiesta does, the i20 offers some great kit. Daytime running lights, a trip computer and tinted windows are just some features to come along as standard. When we look into higher up trim levels,both a leather gearstick and steering wheel are brought into the fold aswell as climate control and both automatic headlights and windscreen wipers. The top spec model is the Premium SE Nav which adds some of the best gadgets including sixteen inch alloy wheels,LED daytime running lights, a panoramic sunroof and both front and back parking sensors aswell as much more. Overall the Hyundai i20 is giving great value for money by a listing price getting started at £10,695 for entry level ranges moving upwards to £17,400 for Premium SE Nav models.


The Kia Rio

The final model to join the fray today is the Rio from Korean car firm Kia. Much like the two which have already been spoken about, the Rio results in decent value for money,kit and steady power. CRDi diesels and petrol engines are available with the car but the petrols are the better buy it has been proven. The petrol unit carries 1.4 whereas 1.1 is carried by the diesel. In general, the Rio is a good steady runner offering some good basics such as a multi functioning steering wheel,a digital radio, electric windows and chrome trimming inside the cabin. A very generous amount of boot space also helps add to the cars popularity. The Rio is available from £10,145 and is available in three and five door formats.


So there you have it. Three of the best city cars on offer right now in our opinion , but which takes the title for you?.

The Kia Rio

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