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The brand new BMW 7 Series revealed in full

We have been treated to leaked images and information over the past fortnight of the new 7 Series model from BMW which has given us a preview of just how the car is going to look. However now the brand have officially debuted the brand new model yesterday revealing everything we could possibly wish to know about the new car. The firm are bringing some big changes to the car in order to increase its popularity more than ever before. They also announced yesterday that just the one engine option will come along with the car in Europe which will be the twin turbocharged, three litre petrol which will deliver on 326bhp and 265bhp on the 730D model. BMW also confirmed that a four wheel drive system is offered across the entire new 7 Series range which is of course is available in standard and M range as we expected.


Other areas focused on with the new 7 Series

One thing we could not help but get excited about is just how luxurious the inside of the vehicle is now looking. The 7 Series has always offered a comfortable and up to date interior but nothing like this. The images of the car revealed luxury white leather seating both front and back with the same white leather being used on the dashboard too.


The car is also loaded with the very best in in car entertainment and technology. A new tablet screen can be removed from the car and can also control certain features in the vehicle too. In car Wifi and wireless mobile phone charging systems also take the 7 Series to the next level. A 10.2 inch TFT screen is now also included in the front and uses sensors to pick up gestures from drivers and passengers which allows them to operate certain things within the car with hand movement. A climate control system which spans throughout the entire vehicle is also on offer with the new model. A big parking assistance system is also on offer as standard which allows the driver to control the car via their key fob and allows the vehicle to back itself out of a tight parking space without any need for the driver to even be inside of the car.


Do the new BMW 7 Series changes justify its price?

Both longer and standard model versions are on offer as they were before and the car increases by fourteen centimetres for the LWB model compared to that of the current vehicle on the road. LED lighting can also be found at the back of the car.


So that just about sums up what the brand new 7 Series is all about but what about the cost of the car?. Well BMW have confirmed that prices for the new 7 Series will get underway from £63,750 and rise to £67,700 for the longer version of the car. If however the 740LI is more your cup of tea,a figure of £72,060 comes into play. The new 7 Series will arrive in dealerships from this November and will look to continue being a rival for competition such as the S Class Mercedes range and the Audi A8.

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