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The Chevrolet Camaro for 2015 is on its way

In some upcoming vehicle release news today for the year 2015, we are pleased to report that the arrival of the brand new Camaro model for 2015 from Chevrolet is incoming. The vehicle has recently been spotted out and about undergoing testing under some heavy disguise but some brand new features to come along with the car and other technical details are speculated at this moment in time to come along with the car. The Camaro has been produced since 1966 with the vehicle first going on sale in 1967. After production ended on the car in 2002 there was a wait of eight years up until 2010 when development of the car was begun again.


Features and speculation on the new Chevrolet Camaro for 2015

The bodywork of the car was heavily disguised by camouflage when it was spotted testing around the Nurburgring. The majority of the style and bodywork on the car remains unchanged from the current model on our roads but we can see some brand new features which have been included this time around which include things such as a brand new set of headlights,a newer slim grille and images reveal that the car is a lot wider compared to its predecessor. 

A yellow Chevrolet Camaro at Shortfall



There is no word as of yet regarding the engine range that will come along with the car when it is released but we do believe that the vehicle may very well be V8 powered. Although not a lot more has been revealed by the mass manufacturer, it is believed that the vehicle could very well be the ideal top contender going up against the likes of the brand new Mustang model from American manufacturer Ford. Speaking of the Mustang, next year the vehicle will officially arrive in the UK for the first time ever and the brand new Camaro is also expected to be making its way to us here in Britain.


When will we see the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro arrive on our roads?

Although an exact release date is yet to be confirmed by the brand we do believe that it could be officially revealed for the first time ever next year in January from the Detroit motor show or further on into the year. A price tag to come along with the car also remains unconfirmed but we do not expect it to be much higher than the price of a current standard Camaro which can be purchased for a cost of £35,345.

A White and Black Chevrolet Camaro at Shortfall

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