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The Land Rover Discovery going to the next level

When we think of some of the finest vehicles that have ever been produced and sold around the world, a number of manufacturer names come to mind but one constant has always been Jaguar Land Rover. When we think of some of their most popular models, the Range Rover Evoque, the Jaguar XF,XE and XK are just some of the vehicles that come to mind. However there is one vehicle that we have left off of that list and that is of course the Discovery from Land Rover. That is the very model in our sights today. As we look back at the success that the Discovery has achieved over the years, we cant help but wonder how the brand look to capitalise on this with models in the future and today that question has been answered. Land Rover will launch the Discovery 5 next year and will look to conquer the market with the new car and they have announced just how they are going to do it.


What can we expect the Discovery 5 to deliver on?

Well to answer the question straight away, a new 'SVO' version of the car. 'SVO' stands for Special Vehicle Operations and is a branch of the JLR firm that works on updating models with some of the best in engine updates, power and new gadgets. The brand look to do the same with the new Discovery which will launch next year and the 'SVO' version which is expected to come on sale around a year or so after the cars initial launch. The Discovery has always been one of the best 4x4 models that money can buy and with an 'SVO' version of the new car, the sales could continue to skyrocket for the brand and even make history. Land Rover have said that they have noticed the demand for much updated 4x4 models on the market which is why they have decided to make this decision which is destined to benefit the brand in the future.


Destiny awaits for the next generation Discovery

Before the 'SVO' version gets here though,the standard Discovery will make its way to the road but information for both models still remains a little silent for the moment. Both V8 and V6 diesel and petrol engines are expected for the standard Discovery which means we could see finely tuned versions of these units in the updated model and both six speed manual and an automatic eight speed transmission setup are to be offered so we could expect that the 'SVO' model may benefit from the eight speed setup as standard.  

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