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The latest in high end manufacturer news

There are a range of companies all around the world who offer the most luxurious and powerful vehicles ever known. Three of these big companies are Porsche, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. In our post today we are looking at three of the biggest stories to come out of the companies over the course of this week which could very well change the course of history for the next few years. One of the first companies making the headlines this week is Porsche.


There are reports circulating that the German sports car designer could be in the midst of a design for a new vehicle that could very well go head to head with the Tesla Model S. The latest in speculation is that the car will be given the name of the 717 and could very well be an all electric setup. It is believed that a power deliverance of around the 500bhp area could come along with the 717 and a full electric range of just over the 300 mile area can be expected. Of course for the time being, information is a little scarce on the new model as it is only early days. Therefore we could be quite some time away from a launch for the vehicle but this is one story we will definitely be focusing our attention on over the course of the upcoming year.


Rolls Royce confirm a new SUV is a go

Big news today from luxury British manufacturer Rolls Royce and that is just after weeks of the SUV being confirmed for the green light by Bentley, Rolls have responded and said that a new SUV from themselves is also a go. The new model is highly expected to take on the new Bentayga from Bentley when it goes on sale and the firm will be expected to carry over some traits of traditional models including that comfort factor and power too. Specification wise Rolls are yet to reveal any of their ideas to the public although a strong powerful V12 engine could see its place of pride inside of the car. The chairman of Rolls Royce Peter Schwarzenbauer confirmed the cars production by issuing an open letter which stated they will be building the car and stated that it is something they will be taking their time on. No conformation of a launch date has been issued as of yet, but expect a time frame of around two years or so before we see the car on the road.


Aston Martin pumping more power into the GT3 Vantage

The Vantage GT3 is a sports car from Aston Martin which over the years has received some great feedback from its buyers and been updated on a number of occasions. This week however, the firm have confirmed that they are making even more changes to the car which could be one of the best revisions it has ever received in our opinion. The brand have made changes to the car which will see more power produced and a big drop in weight reduction. This is thanks to the fittings of new carbon fibre materials on the bodywork of the car which include the bonnet, wings at the front end of the car and the rear windows are also available in the same material but only come along as an optional extra. That's not the only changes thrown into the mix though. Michelin Super sport tyres,Brembo brakes in carbon ceramic finish and a revised suspension system also makes the cut.


A seven speed,automatic transmission has also been confirmed for the vehicle with more power now being produced too. We see the same six litre,V12 carry itself over to the car from the previous model but now we see 592 brake horse power as an ending result. Throw in a host of carbon fibre interior features such as the sports seating and steering wheel and you have one of the biggest and brightest futures for a sports car on the market. One hundred units of the car will go on sale later this year.

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