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The latest in vehicle recall news

Today we are reporting on the latest in this weeks vehicle recall news. Last week saw companies such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan all involved on our recall report with the majority of issues being raised due to the issues of faulty Takata air bags. This week there is some news on this issue and more on other top vehicle brands issuing recalls of their own. The first company on our list today is Land Rover.


The brand announced that they are issuing a recall on Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Land Rover 4 models. It has been stated by the firm that around 28,307 units will be affected by this recall. The problem has been stated to be an issue with the tyre pressure monitoring system that comes along with all of these vehicles. The problem is reported to be that the system may not be able to locate where the sensors are when the vehicle is moving. This could result in the driver being warned about a low tyre pressure even if the tyre is fine. A repair for this problem is confirmed to be just a simple software update to the system which will have it running back as standard. If you own a Land Rover 4 model built between 2013 and 2014,a Range Rover from 2014 and a Range Rover Sport from 2014 that were built between the 16th of September 2013 and the 30th of June 2014 then your vehicle will be apart of this recall.


Ford recall Fusion models in the US


America is affected by the latest batch of recalls this week also with Fusion,Fusion Energi and Fusion Hybrid models being affected. 64,869 vehicles are affected by these recalls which see a fault with removing the key from the ignition switch. The US,Canada and Mexico are the only countries to be affected by this problem. The issue is due to a faulty instrument cluster which means that the key in the car can be removed after just thirty minutes in use. Ford have stated that they will fix this problem by reprogramming the instrument cluster of the vehicle and no accidents or injuries relating to the problem have been reported by customers as of yet.


Honda's Takata air bag recall to affect other countries?


Now one of the biggest news stories as far as vehicle recalls are concerned are to do with the fittings of Takata air bags in vehicles. Not just Honda but other companies such as Lexus and Nissan have also been affected by this recall. Honda now however are stating that its not just in humid temperature countries that they are prepared to fix this air bag issue. Other Honda customers around the world who own a range of their models which includes the Civic line up are worried about this issue even though they are not in a humid country. Honda have stated however that if there are any customers worried in other areas of the world over this problem then they will replace the air bag. Around 139 injuries have been reported around the world due to the Takata air bag issue with the latest tally coming in at five fatalities.  

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