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The latest vehicle recalls for December

Today we take a look into some of the most recent vehicle recall news to come from the car industry with companies such as Ford,Chrysler,Lexus and Toyota involved. We start with the recall news that has been dominating the world for close to a year now which is the Takata air bag faults. Millions of vehicles have been affected world wide due to exploding air bags which have caused fatalities. We have seen companies such as Honda,Nissan and Lexus involved with these Takata air bag faults with BMW becoming the latest firm to join the fray this week.


This week though American firm Ford have officially expanding their number of recalled models due to this very problem.38,500 vehicles in America have been added to the list which now affects around 98,000 vehicles all around the world. Models included in this recent batch of recalls include Ford Ranger and GT models. Ranger models built between 2004 and 2005 and GT's from 2005-2006 are recalled this time around. Both passenger and driver side air bags are in question with a lot of models but this expansion from Ford will focus on the driver side air bags.


Restraint control module leads to Chrysler and Ford recalls

Ford are back in the recall news again now alongside Chrysler who have issued recalls affecting vehicles in the United States with some potential models being in other countries too. The problem falls on an issue with the cars restraint control module which could crack which would lead to the airbag light being lit up. This could therefore affect the retentioners fitted to the seat belts aswell and if the light is showing up then this could be a sign to the vehicle that the features are not working and could then cause them to become inactive. Owners of the vehicles are asked to get in touch with their nearest dealer if they think they are affected by the recall which affects models such as the C-Max,Fusion Escape and Lincoln from Ford.


The Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee based in the United States are also affected. The companies have stated that they will replace the whole restraint control module completely free of charge but they do not have the parts needed at this moment to do the job. Drivers are informed to keep using the seat belts for now but to get in touch with the two firms to arrange servicing on the car.


Lexus models suffering from potential fuel leaks

Lexus are the latest in the vehicle recall line as they have issued recalls due to a fault with some of their vehicles which could potentially lead to a fuel leak. 423,000 models have been added to the list in America but 759,000 vehicles are affected all around the world. Both Toyota and their subsidiary brand Lexus are affected. The incorrect fittings of plates which are used to prevent rusting are the problem with the cars which could result in fuel leaking into the engine. Lexus have informed customers that they will repair the problem fuel lines and will fit a new rubber gasket to the car. Five ranges of Lexus vehicle are to be called in which include Lexus LS 2006-2011,IS 2006-2011,IS C convertible models from 2010,Lexus IS F 2008-2010 and Lexus GS from 2006-2011.

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