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The newly revised Audi S8 for 2014

A brand new revised version of the Audi S8 has recently gone on sale here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. It has received some minor changes to the bodywork and added pieces of equipment too. Although the engine to come along with the car remains the same, there slight alterations made to the power output and performance rates of the vehicle which have now been improved upon. The S8 is a variant which has arrived from the brands A8 line up. The S range of course delivers upon more power than the standard A8 and was fist begun in 2006. Now with the firm introducing new changes to the model, can it maintain that level of success that it has already achieved on the road and how will these new changes affect the car when it comes to contending with the similar Mercedes S63 AMG model?.


The brand new parts,tweaks and accessories to find a place in the Audi S8

Firstly we will take a look into some of the changes that have been made to the exterior of the vehicle. The brand have included the brand new fittings of revised front and back bumpers,Matrix beam LED headlights and all new chrome trimming which can be found across the bootlid. The suspension system on the vehicle has also been altered which therefore introduces a firmer driving experience. A sports adaptive air suspension system and sports differential can also be found as standard on the new S8.

A Red Audi S8 shown from an angle at Shortfall


As previously stated, the engine to come along with the vehicle remains exactly the same as its predecessor. This means that you can still find a four litre,V8 twin turbo engine unit underneath the bonnet. An eight speed automatic transmission system also comes along as standard. With these two components combined, a brake horse power delivery of 513bhp is the ending result for this four wheel drive S8. Top speeds are now limited to 155mph but the sprint from 0 to 62mph has now been improved upon as it is achieved in just 4.2 seconds.



Audi have also been very generous with the new kit to come along with the car too. As standard the brand new revised S8 receives a climate control system,parking cameras,adjustable leather seating and Wifi hotspot connectivity. When we look at the brand new features that come along with the car now, we see some vehicles such as the XJR from iconic British brand Jaguar coming into play as competition amongst many other luxury car brands.


What can you expect to pay out for a revised Audi S8?

First and foremost, we are most excited to bring you the news that this newly revised Audi S8 has officially gone on sale and can be driven away from your local Audi dealership right now. In regards to how much you can expect the car to set you back, be prepared to be a very reasonable good value for money purchase price of £79,900.

A Blue Audi S8 at Shortfall

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