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The Renault Scenic the ideal MPV for you?

Renault have had a popular MPV on their hands since the late nineties which has seen three generations go on the sale over the years. It was the first model in the United kingdom to be branded as a compact Multi Purpose Vehicle and the car in question of course is the Scenic. Production of the very first model was begun in 1996 with the second generation launching in 2003 and the latest third lifecycle for the vehicle beginning in 2009. It did not take long for the tremendous effort on the French firms behalf to become recognised as in 1997 the first generation vehicle was awarded the Whatcar? Car of the year award. The original model began as a five seater but it was not until the later generations of the vehicle were launched that the car was offered in a seven seater format called the Grand Scenic. It has proven to be one of the must successful vehicles offered by Renault over the course of the past nineteen years and today we look into just why that is with a look at the latest addition to arrive on the road.


Why has the Renault Scenic proven to be a popular choice?

The 2009 third generation model is available with a range of different engine choices which include both petrol and diesel setups. A 1.2 litre,TCe turbocharged petrol engine is up for grabs aswell as a choice of either a 1.6 Dci or a 1.5 litre Dci. Power for the petrol engine kicks out at 115bhp and is also offered as 130bhp. The 1.5 litre hits 110 and the 1.6 sees a slight climb to 130 brake horse power. Throw in some generous amounts of added equipment including traction control, a sat nav system,cruise control and electric windows and you have an MPV that more than holds its own against rivals such as the Kia Carens and the Citroen C4. As an added incentive for customers to purchase a Scenic or Grand Scenic, the firm also offer their 4+ services which include roadside assistance,servicing and of course a warranty.


How much does the latest Scenic range sell for?

Prices for the latest Scenic addition kick off from £19,360 and continue to rise depending on the trim level chosen for the car which include Dynamique and Limited trims. Head down to your local Renault dealership right now to see what all the fuss is about with the Scenic range.  

The Renault Scenic

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