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The return of the Ferrari Dino

Ferrari have confirmed that they are going to bring back the Dino model. Although it was not directly said that it was coming back, when asked about the possibility of the cars return in the future, Sergio Marchionne stated that its not a matter of if the car will return but more when the car is going to return. The last time we seen the Dino launched onto the road was in 1976 after production originally began in in 1968. Although the vehicle wasn't produced for long when compared with some cars on the road in this generation, it quickly became one of the most sought after sports cars in the world and even today has an amazing reputation amongst many fans on a world wide scale. Over time since the Dino was discontinued, Ferrari have found success with models such as the California and the LaFerrari. So how would the Dino hold up in this day and age and what could the Italian super car maker add to the vehicle to help it keep up with sports cars for this generation?.


What could be expected from the next Dino

So the early speculation on an engine to come along with the revival includes the options of a V6 sized, twin turbocharged engine unit. This is only one idea of course, there could always be the option of a V8 but this decision still rests upon Ferrari's shoulders. However Marchionne commented that they are considering the V6 and it appears that a lot of members within the company are on board with this idea.


It has been some time since Ferrari launched a Dino onto the road but they are still one of the finest sports car designers in the industry so they know what it takes to keep up with competition from the likes of the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the M sports division from BMW aswell as AMG additions from Mercedes Benz amongst many more.


Will the Dino be able to find its feet again?

There is no doubt that the return of the Dino could prove to be a very wise move by the Italian car makers and could help the brand to bring in even more success than what they are already achieving. The car would have to be reasonably priced though and at this early stage, it would be expected to come along with a purchase price of around the £150,000 area.  

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