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The top six vehicles set for Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show is one of if not the biggest event on the annual motoring calendar. It is an annual experience like no other and this years instalment is exactly one week away. This year is looking to be more jam packed and exciting than any year previous thanks to some new crossover vehicles, concept cars, mystery vehicles, updated sports cars and second generation models. All of which we have covered in our very special post today. There is of course plenty of vehicles to choose from as far as a top six countdown is concerned but today we have chosen six vehicles that have caught our attention very strongly over the past twelve months with brands such as Renault, Honda and McLaren being represented today. We have constructed a list of our top six favourites that are all set to make their debut next week and we begin today's countdown with Renault's very first crossover vehicle coming to us in the form of the Kadjar.


Renault to debut the new Kadjar

We first heard about the brand new Kadjar model just a number of months ago and since this time we have seen new images of the car emerge online detailing some new specifications to come along with the vehicle that could all help the Kadjar to rank high up amongst the best crossover cars on the market including the likes of the Peugeot 2008 and the Suzuki SX4. As previously mentioned, this is the companies first crossover model to go on sale and it will be revealed in full production form from the big event in Switzerland. Information that has been presented about the new car so far include a range of specifications which begin from a choice of either a petrol or diesel engine range. A 1.2 litre petrol engine will be offered in three power outputs. The first entry level being 103bhp, the second hits 113bhp and the third at 128bhp. Power deliverances have not been revealed for the diesel line up but these will carry 1.6 litres of fuel. Both front and all wheel drive models will be offered to customers across all markets and we also know that stop-start technology will be offered across the entire range. The biggest contender for the Kadjar is expected to be one of the biggest selling crossovers in the world coming in the form of the Nissan Qashqai.


Renault will also keep the Kadjar fresh by offering a range of some of the biggest and brightest in technology and equipment. Some of our personal highlights outlined so far have been reversing cameras, a lane departure warning system,voice recognition software and smartphone connectivity. Due to these reasons, the Renault Kadjar holds a strong place on our top six countdown today.


The Aston Martin 'Vulcan'

Next on the agenda on our countdown today comes a car that up until recently was surrounded in a lot of mystery when it was revealed in a teaser video by Aston Martin. The brand new 'Vulcan' concept vehicle was revealed two weeks ago in a video which showed the back end of the car followed up with the powerful engine noise made by the car. Flames were also seen firing out of the exhaust pipes. The only thing that was really known at the time was that this was a powerful concept vehicle. Now however, more information has been revealed for the brand new car revealing a 800 brake horse power deliverance produced by a seven litre, V12 engine.


The firm have confirmed that the car will only be made available with twenty four units only and its first demonstration showing what it can do will come from the Le Mans 24 hour race this June. We now know that the car is loaded with the best in technology including Michelin tyres, dampers that are completely adjustable and an X trac six speed transmission system has also been thrown into the mix. Images inside of the car have also revealed a sporty, luxurious cabin coming equipped with a semi circle shaped steering wheel with carbon fibre inserts all across the cabin and bright Orange trimmings along the sides of both doors. The future of production on this car is not certain as of yet as testing of the vehicle is not set to commence for around another seven weeks at the earliest. Either way the new 'Vulcan' is looking to make an impact at its debut next week and we certainly think it will have no trouble in doing so.


Honda's first hybrid supercar on the way

Very much continuing with the theme of super-cars now, Honda will be the next in line to reveal a super-car in Geneva as they unveil the brand new NSX hybrid for the very first time. We have been hearing more and more regarding why the new NSX could prove to be a a big hitter on the hybrid market over the years and we have all of these details outlined for you in this section today. A V6 petrol engine has been given the go ahead for the NSX which will sit right next to three electric motors developing 550 brake horse power altogether with four wheel drive coming as standard to the car. The car will come loaded with plenty of added kit which could see it go head to head with the BMW i8 and potentially the Audi R8. LED lighting, four exhausts,carbon ceramic designed brakes and a lightweight aluminium sport suspension system are all some of the highlights that grabbed our attention. TFT display screens,climate control and a host of different driving modes are also brought into play. The interior cabin is looking magnificent with the bright Red colour designs,a three spoke steering wheel and chrome trimmings around the door sills and air conditioning vents. Orders on the new NSX kick off later this year with a purchase price expected to be revealed for around £99,000.


McLaren to debut the 675LT

McLaren are set to debut their brand new 675LT model from the big event and we already know of some of the information regarding technical specifications. Information was revealed for the new super car just yesterday which got us even more excited for the host of power options and unique designs that will come along with the new model. The 675LT will be revealed alongside the likes of the P1 and will look to headline McLarens display next week.


McLaren have based this new model on the 650S but it has been designed to be much more agile, dynamic and powerful than the 650S. This will be achieved by introducing new weight reduction materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium for the complete body structure. A new Titanium exhaust system has also been used on the 675LT which therefore means that the entire weight of the car will now weigh just 1,230 kilograms overall. We see the same 3.8 litre V8 engine carried over but the difference compared to the 650S is that power has been upgraded giving the 675LT 666bhp rather than the standard 641bhp. Take a look inside of the car and Black and Red leather Alcantara seating on the bucket seats make the car feel just as amazing as it looks. McLaren are expected to announce a price tag of somewhere around £260,000 for the new model.


The Audi R8 returns for its second lifecycle

The Audi R8 will make its grand return to the automotive world from next week when we see the new second generation model finally unveiled. Audi confirmed the production of the car a number of months ago but for quite some time we did not know what to expect from the vehicle. In the early hours of this morning however, a leaked image was posted on to a car forum online which shown new official images of the vehicle in its full production form.


After this leak today, Audi have officially come out and stated information regarding the car this afternoon earlier than originally intended. Audi have confirmed today that although originally we thought a V8 and a V10 engine range would be offered, only a V10 engine is to be made available with the new model from launch. However this engine will be available in different power formats with customers being able to choose from either 540bhp or 610bhp. 201 miles per hour is the top speed for the entry level model and 205 mph is for the 610bhp developing engine. Stop start technology is now offered as standard and an S tronic, seven speed,automatic transmission is now offered as standard aswell. A newly developed aluminium and carbon fibre chassis will help with the stability of the control and make for a much more exciting drive than the first generation of R8.The German firm have also revealed that different driving modes will be made available for the driver which will include comfort,automatic, dynamic and individual. The big news here however is that the R8 is now going to be offered in an e-tron all electric version too. Audi have outlined a top speed for all electric power at 130 miles per hour with a full charging time just making it in under the two hour time frame. The big news though is that the car has been claimed to travel from a full charge for a 280 mile round trip. The only thing that could make this news better is driving the car itself. We are very excited to see the Audi R8 in action.


The Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Now last but not least on our countdown post today is the German manufacturer Porsche with their 911 GT3 RS model that has been designed to be a much more lightweight and powerful version of the current 911 GT3. The new models performance rates have been leaked over the past twenty four hours which reveal that a power deliverance of 500 brake horse power will be emitted from the four litre flat six engine that the car carries. An automatic seven speed,PDK transmission system will also be included. A mix between both six and four piston brakes will also be used on both the front and rear end of the car with the front end packing the six pistons. Lighter plastic materials and carbon fibre trimmings have also been brought into play which demonstrate more weight reduction for the 911 GT3 RS. The 911 GT3 RS could easily be a car of the show contender in Geneva so we are looking forward to getting the official announcements from Porsche themselves on the new 911 GT3 RS.  

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