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Vauxhall Astra matrix lights-BMW Hommage teased-The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Vauxhall are all set to reveal the brand new Astra model this year and we are expecting big things from the brand as far as the new car is concerned. Some big news has this week however been confirmed for the car which sees the Astra range take a big turn by introducing some new optional technology for the car. The news was confirmed this week that brand new, LED Matrix headlight technology will indeed come along with the vehicle as an optional choice for the buyer. This will be the first time that the technology has been used for the Astra and it is expected to be a very popular choice for car fans located all around the world. It has been revealed that sixteen LED bulbs make the headlights as bright as they are. The lights will also automatically adjust in order to not blind other oncoming drivers. The technology will detect when another vehicle is on coming and will automatically adjust the settings. This is obviously a big advantage when we compare it with manual adjusting standard headlights. The new Astra remains very much under lock and key for the moment as the brand have not given out much information on the new car as of yet. We do expect though that the matrix headlights are going to be a very popular choice for buyers.


BMW tease the new Hommage concept model

BMW have given out a big teaser image which teases the reveal of another concept model operating under the Hommage name. The Hommage is no stranger to the car world as other concepts under the same name were revealed in 2008 and three years later in 2011. The new model is designed in a fitting tribute to the original E9 3.0 CSL model from the seventies. The image posted online shows the back end of the car in a Lime Green finish showing wrap around rear lights along with tinted windows, Black striping along the side of the car and a large rear spoiler. The only thing really confirmed for this moment in time is that the car will find the use of carbon fibre materials in order to help reduce on the overall weight of the vehicle which would logically result in more power and agility for the vehicle. The car is expected to be revealed in full next week.


The 4C Spider is now available to order

The 4C Spider is expected to be the next big thing as far as sports cars are concerned and Alfa Romeo are looking to make an even bigger name for themselves with this new model. The great news coming in today though is that the orders on the brand new model have officially opened up here in the United Kingdom and you can register your interest with the brand right now. The new car will be available later this year and will make the transition form a coupe to a Spider for the first time. Confirmed to be powering the model is a turbocharged 1750cc engine which will be giving out 240 brake horse power with top speeds confirmed to be coming in at 160 miles per hour. That's not the only change to come along with the 4C though, Alfa have also fitted some new xenon headlights to the car which looks amazing when matched up with the Yellow paint job and multi spoke alloy wheels. Parking sensors and cruise control are also two features which are offered as standard with the new 4C Spider. The new 4C is looking amazing and if you think the same to the point where you would like to own one, then you can expect to hand over a figure of £59,500 for the new 4C.  

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