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A look at the new Honda CRV for 2015

This year will see the arrival of the new CRV model from car and motorcycle manufacturer Honda. This new model is basically a facelifted version of the current range which has been available on the market since 1995. We are now a further twenty years down the line and the CRV is just as popular today as it was then. As one of the SUV vehicles that was popular before the SUV range began to take off, the CRV has proven its worth on the market for many years so what does the new facelift do to make the car remain a top contender on the market?. Well for this particular model, Honda have done a lot of work on the engine making it more efficient and powerful. We also see some new technology features take its place in the CRV to help it contend with some of the new SUV vehicles on the road such as the Qashqai.


Do the new updates made the new CRV something special?

So regarding the new updates that have come into play with the brand new CRV, we see that the engine range has been updated and Honda have taken away the former 2.2 litre diesel engine and in its place, Honda have thrown in a new 1.6 litre engine. This engine has been confirmed to put out 158 brake horse power. As standard, Honda offer a six speed manual transmission but customers are also offered the big choice of spending a little extra on an automatic, nine speed gearbox. The automatic transmission is said to be a lot smoother than that of the manual. The chassis and suspension are two areas where Honda have focused their attention and an all new infotainment system also finds its place in the vehicle. This allows you as the driver to hook up your Android operated smartphone to the system.


The big addition which takes its bow with the new CRV however comes to us as Honda's new intelligent active cruise control system which is being used in one of their cars for the first time ever. This system is installed to detect when it thinks a vehicle is about to pull out on you and if it does it prepares the vehicle to slow down and take precautions to avoid any collisions. This is a very advanced piece of equipment that is rare to find in any other vehicle and we think this could prove to be one of the big selling points of the new CRV.


How much is the new CRV going to cost?

Honda have yet to reveal just how much you can expect to spend on the new CRV but given the added technology features and updated power, we would expect a cost beginning from around the £22,000 area when the car launches this year. Look more towards the CX-5 from Mazda and the Jeep Grand Cherokee as ideal competitors locking horns with the new model.

The Honda CRV

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