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Audi future suv plans-new JLR technology-Peugeot 108 special edition

Over the past decade we have certainly seen a change in the way customers are buying their vehicles and the kind of vehicle that the customer is looking for. One of the biggest selling model ranges that have taken over the United Kingdom and the rest of the world happens to be the suv market. Many companies have capitalised on this by offering more of these vehicles within their range. So much so that companies such as Bentley will soon be offering the 'Bentayga' suv. Audi are another firm who have made a name for themselves in the range though with their Q division. That is why it should not come as a shock that the German brand are looking to include a lot more suv models in their range over the next coming years. Ruper Stadler who is the chairman of Audi has stated that by the year 2020 around forty to forty five percent of their range will consist of suv models. The brand will take the first step into making this a possibility by launching their new Q7 this year. Many car firms are determined to make a success of their suv range in the future but with the sheer amount that Audi are planning to sell, will Audi have the upper hand in the suv race?.


A special edition Peugeot 108 revealed

French firm Peugeot have revealed a special edition version of their popular selling 108 model which will go on sale later this year here in Britain. The new special edition model has been given the name of the Roland Garros edition. The car has also been confirmed to be offered in top form carrying the fitting of a 1.2 litre engine which will give out a total of 82bhp. New detailing has also been brought into play with the new model as the car will feature new special edition badges and stickers around the exterior design. Peugeot have also confirmed that not one but two paint options will also be on the table for the new model which will consist of 'Metallic Black' and 'Diamond White'. The car will also only be offered in Allure trim level. Peugeot will look to get out the first deliveries of the Roland Garros 108 near the end of this month and it has been confirmed that a purchase price of £12,495 will also come along with the car.


New wiper technology from Jaguar-Land Rover

One of Britain's finest car developers Jaguar-Land Rover have been hard at work on developing some brand new technology which they will look to use on their vehicle range in the future. The new piece of technology is a rear screen wiper which is operated by the use of the drivers eye movement. We have heard over the past number of months about this kind of technology coming into play with our vehicles but JLR may be closer to the addition than any other company. It has been said that the new tech will detect when the driver is looking at the rear view screen and will move the wiper in conjunction with their head and eye movements. There is nothing set in stone as of yet for when we can expect to see the new technology make its way to the market but we could still be quite some time away from this yet.  

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