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BMW i range sales-The Volvo S90-Nissan Almera Nismo

The news has recently broken out regarding the brand new Volvo S90 and we have all of the latest available information on the vehicle right here for you. There was some speculation as to whether the vehicle would go on sale later this year. Well to clear that up,Volvo have confirmed that the vehicle will replace the current S80 model and it will go on sale from 2016. Volvo will be looking to carry over some styling features from the new XC90 and they will also bring into play a new hybrid model along with two diesel engine options as seen in the XC90.


The car is being lined up as a potential contender for the new XF from Jaguar amongst many vehicles from Mercedes and the Audi brand and given the success in sales that the XC90 has achieved before it has even hit the shop floor, if that success is anything to go by, the new S90 could prove to be just as popular when it arrives in 2016.


Nissan offer the Almera in Nismo form for the first time

Nissan have made history this week by offering their Almera model in the format of a Nismo model for the very first time. This version of the car has only gone on sale in Malaysia and unfortunately at this point, there is no word as to whether or not other countries will also receive the car. It features all the great features that have made Nismo models very popular such as extra equipment and styling. Firstly though with a look into the engine used,the 1.5 litre petrol unit currently found in the standard Almera carries over to the new Nismo version but is offered as standard with automatic transmission set-ups consisting of both four and five speeds. A set of 16 inch alloy wheels and revised bumpers and a new spoiler also find a place on the car. An all new steering wheel and a 6.5 inch touchscreen system can now also be found in the Nismo Almera.


These were the main big highlights to come out of the Nismo Almera for us but many are upset due to the engine remaining the same and no added power seeing a place in the cars. The 370Z features more added power thanks to the Nismo package but the Almera does not. If there is enough demand for it though,it could be a potential change made in the future but for now, we think that the extra equipment alone that Nissan are throwing in with the Almera is good value for money.


The I range for BMW prove a point in 2014

We have heard about the fantastic success that BMW have achieved last year with their record breaking car sales and those statistics recently revealed have shown that the companies I range had a big role to play in these overall sales figures for last year. BMW commented on the sales figures by revealing that close to eighteen thousand units of the vehicles sold last year were either i8 or i3 models. The BMW i8 made history by being the very first car in the world to offer laser light technology in their vehicle and recently the i3 has been tested using self parking assistance systems. A lot of drivers in this day and age are looking for technology features with their cars which help the car to perform more efficiently and better than other options on the road. It is clear by the sales rates revealed that the new tech features used in both the i8 and i3 have proven to be just what the customer is looking for. BMW are toying with the idea of introducing a new I model consisting of hydrogen power in a similar way to that of the Hyundai ix35 and the Toyota Mirai but this news has not been announced by the company as of yet. If it were to happen though, the I range could easily become the best selling range that BMW have ever offered.  

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