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Brabus get to work on the Mercedes Maybach

Brabus are famous for their work on Mercedes models where they are fond of adding new equipment and massively updating engines to give out more power and torque. Last year when the German firm revealed the return of the Maybach name, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Brabus got to work on the new model. The Maybach S600 model has now received the treatment which has seen a significant boost in power for the car and the torque it gives out has also been upgraded. Maybach is one of the most prestigious names in the automotive world and having Brabus complete some tuning work on one of these vehicles will certainly help to increase the popularity of the returning model.


How does the Maybach S600 operate after the Brabus treatment?

The same twin turbocharged V12 engine comes fitted to the vehicle but thanks to some tweaking, we now see the overall power given out from the vehicle come in at 888bhp which means when travelling at a top speed, the Maybach S600 hits 217 miles per hour. A total of 4,200 torque is now also developed by the car after Brabus got hold of it. The idea of Brabus was to make the car quicker and to also improve on the driving experience. They have done a good job of this by adding more power and torque and they have also lowered the cars suspension system too by around just one inch.


A Brabus model would not be the same without some visual updates and that is why the Brabus forged alloy wheels measuring twenty one inches and new leather and Alcantara finishes inside of the cabin make for welcome additions.


Will the Maybach be just as successful now many years down the line?

The Maybach name was originally introduced in 1909 which was when the company was founded and is now owned by the Daimler AG group working with Rolls Royce. The name was world wide famous many many years ago and even when the Maybach S600 was announced last year, many fans were excited about the car. The additions of some fine tuning from Brabus to a truly wonderful vehicle is something that makes the car even more exciting and is definitely a step in the right direction for the return of the Maybach badge on the S600 which is expected to go on sale this year.  

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