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Jeep Grand Wagoneer information-a new Porsche EV-New Volkswagen Group models

Jeep have revealed even more information about their new Grand Wagoneer model which is looking to go head to head with the Range Rover. The latest coming in from the brand is that the new SUV model will become available in showrooms from near the end of the 2018 years. The other big news is that it has been confirmed, the new model will indeed be available here on the European market. Information on the new model is running a little scarce for the time being as Jeep stated that they have not decided on an engine range to come along with the car yet which therefore means performance rates are still undecided. We would expect that Jeep would make petrol and diesel varieties for showrooms but we do know that the model will be available with both two and four wheel drive variations.


Fifty brand new models for the Volkswagen Group?

Throughout the duration of the next two years, the Volkswagen group are planning a total of fifty brand new models and revised models all set to go on sale around the world. This includes companies like Audi and Porsche also. The firm have stated that this is all a part of their new plan for more model launches with some of the big vehicles coming to mind including the new Audi Q7, the revised A4 and the new 911 range from Porsche. All fifty of these new varieties will be on the road by the end of 2016 and brand new MLB and MSB platforms are currently in the process of being developed for a large number of these cars. The latest in MQB platforms will also see a presence in the line up with one of the first being the new Audi Q1 which is set to go on sale in 2016 and is prepared to be a rival for the Nissan Juke.


The latest developments in Porsche electric vehicles

There has been a lot of questioning as of late as to when Porsche would be treating the world to an electric vehicle. At one point it was in doubt that it would happen but now we are at the closest we have ever been to the confirmation of it actually happening. The news was announced by owners the Volkswagen Group who have stated that the new model would come in the form of a new saloon and would be available on the road at some point over the next number of years. The brand teased the new car during a demonstration of new technology from the VW group. The only thing that was confirmed elsewhere was that the new electric model will be paired up to a battery and will be based on a five door hatchback concept model. We are paying close attention to this news story and as soon as many more developments come out of this topic, we will have all of the latest for you.  

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