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Lamborghini imitated-Porsche February sales figures-Mercedes E Class

We all know of the kind of reputation that the Lamborghini brand has in the sports car world. We know the firm for being one of the most sporty and powerful companies designing cars for global sales. When we think of the brand, models like the Huracan, the Gallardo and the Aventador. Well apparently that also seems to be the case for car manufacturer residing in China. The company who are known for their small compact vehicles, think more in the size of a Smart car, have posted images online which shows their latest designed electric vehicle but it is looking very familiar. The brand have designed the new car to look exactly the same as that of the Aventador from the sports car brand. When the images were revealed and we looked at the front end of the car, we could clearly see traits of the front bumpers come into play. Everything from the air intakes at the sides and back window designs were similar. The only difference is though the features have been packed into a compact vehicle design. The new model is not expected to gain much attention as they only operate in a single city with their vehicles in China, but it certainly is an odd combination when you look at it.


Porsche report their sales figures for February

Many brands based in Germany have been dominating the market when it comes to new car sales recently with the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes all reporting increases on their sales for the month of February. Another company who can now be added to that list though after releasing their sales figures are Porsche. The company have revealed their sales statistics for last month which reveals that just over the 14,800 mark were sold just last month alone. The European market proved to be a popular area for Porsche last month with a reported 4,848 of these cars being sold on the market. In an exciting turn of events, the SE Cayenne hybrid model has been reported to be one of the biggest sellers of the companies by drawing a lot of interest all around the world. This is certainly some good news for the German firm and we are looking forward to seeing if Porsche can maintain this momentum throughout the year.


The brand new E Class has been spotted

Images yesterday emerged online which shows the brand new E Class addition from Mercedes Benz out and about under some disguise before its on sale date which is expected to arrive in 2016. So far we know some information regarding the engine range to come along with the car which will include a Bi Turbo V8 sized four litre engine the same engine which can be found inside of the AMG GT model. The car will run on a four wheel drive platform and it has been confirmed that a nine speed automatic transmission setup will also find a place inside of the latest E Class. For the moment however, the German firm are keeping very secretive regarding some of the new features that are set to join the range with body disguising still holding a strong place both inside and outside of the car. We are however expecting to hear more about the new E Class over the duration of the next coming months and as soon as we have more information on the new model, we will keep you up to date.

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