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New car registrations continue to rise, Suzuki announce new Celerio information and Nissan reveal new scheme for Leaf batteries

Next year will bring to us another addition to Suzuki's city car division and will be the return of the Celerio model. We have known about the car for a number of months now but it was this week that the mass manufacturer have officially come out and announced a price tag that will come along with the car and just when it is we can expect to see the vehicle go on sale. First and foremost, the brand new model will arrive in both SZ3 and SZ4 forms from February of next year and an opening cost from £7,999 has also been confirmed.


The big changes compared to the previous Celerio range include the options of both manual and automatic transmission systems and C02 emissions have also been drastically reduced. Both SZ3 and SZ4 trim levels offer some good value for money with entry level highlights including a DAB digital radio,USB connectivity,Bluetooth and central locking. If you spend an extra £1,000 on the SZ4 trim, the aforementioned highlights are carried over along side new features like a chrome grille, electric windows at the rear end of the car and a set of fog lights too. Stop start technology has been incorporated into the car with just the one engine coming thrown into the mix which consists of a one litre,petrol unit as confirmed by Suzuki.


Nissan reveal pricing on a replacement battery for the Leaf

A new scheme has been brought into play by the Nissan company who are now offering a battery replacement scheme for their popular Leaf model which has now become one of the most successful electric vehicles on the market. They have confirmed that if your battery has fallen out of the standard five year or 60,000 mile warranty then you can now buy a replacement battery for your Leaf at a cost of £4,920 with customers also being able to part exchange their old battery and receive £1,000 for it. If you own an E NV200 electric model, you will also be pleased to know that this scheme does affect you aswell.


New car sales continue to rise for November

Statistics have shown that for the 33rd consecutive time and month, new car registrations in the United Kingdom have risen once again. From the beginning of the year until the end of November it has been confirmed that 2,310,237 new cars have been registered in the UK. Which boosts sales up by a total of nine percent compared to that of the performance of one year ago. We are now in December meaning that with it being the last month of the year, it is to be expected that around 2.46 million vehicles will have been registered this year which would make it the best year for new cars in ten years.