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The Volkswagen Tiguan updated

Volkswagen have announced that they have made a range of updates to their ever popular Tiguan range. The brand did this week confirm that a host of new engines and brand new technology will now be included with the new model range in hopes of attracting more buyers to the vehicle and in a bigger attempt to try and make the Tiguan the best crossover vehicle that money can buy. The Tiguan is of course a part of a very tough market at the moment with so many manufacturers introducing new crossovers as the months go by. The car has had the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and the Captur from Renault to contend with amongst many more for many years so just what will bring more buyers the way of this Volkswagen designed vehicle?.


The host of updates brought to the Tiguan

So now focusing on what everybody wants to know, the first thing we will bring up is the new engines. For those who love the original engines, you are in luck as they are carried over to this model. The difference however is that the units now give out even more power than before. The two litre diesel setup now delivers on 147bhp which is a 9 brake horse power improvement. An extra seven units of bhp have been added to the higher powered engine also now meaning a result of 181bhp. This now means that the overall emissions of the car has been significantly improved so much so that the unit is now Euro 6 compliant. C02 emissions of under the 17g/km area have now been recorded.


Other changes to come along with the updated Tiguan

The changes for the car don't stop there though. Inside of the vehicle sees a much need improved infotainment setup. The sound system of the car is now also offered with a total of eight speakers and the 'Guide and Inform' service that Volkswagen offer is now also loaded into the cars navigation setup. The buyer can also operate Android and Apple applications via the cars navigation system as an optional extra as a part of the brands 'App Connect' service.


So what do you think about these new changes?. Are they enough to make you want to purchase a new Volkswagen Tiguan?. Let us know your thoughts via our comments section on our social media pages.  

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