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Toyota's new platform-a new Range Rover to debut in New York-Autonomous driving to lead to more jobs

Toyota have announced that they are currently in the process of developing a brand new driving platform that will be used in some of their future models set to launch further down the line. Thanks to this new architecture that is going to be used, the Japanese brand have come out and said that this new platform will help to appeal to even more drivers around the world and will also help the chosen vehicles to perform much better than what they do right now. The new platform is also being used in order to save on finances spent on new development. The new platform has been given the name of the TNGA platform and by the year 2020, Toyota have outlined their plans which states that they would like to see fifty percent of their model range using the new setup. The new system will help to see updates across all aspects of the car with the likes of the steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedals and touchscreen system all seeing some improvements. Outside of the vehicles will also see some of the new architecture come to light in the mirror designs. Both heating and climate control systems will also see some improvement due to the new technology being developed. With a plan for fifty percent of the brands to use the platform by the year 2020, we could expect to see an announcement on the new platform reaching models from around late 2016 possibly 2017.


A brand new Range Rover to debut from the New York Motor Show

It was earlier in the week that we first received word that a new HST version of the Range Rover Sport would make a grand debut from the New York Motor Show next week and we also learnt of some of the new updates that would be brought along to the brand new model. However another image has been posted online which shows a new Range Rover looking model parked up next to the Jaguar XF with a shot of the roofs of both cars. This new model could very well be the same Range Rover Sport update but this image differs to that of the original Sport updated model that was shown online a number of days ago which leads to the idea that updates to the standard Range Rover model may also be on the cards. Little information is known about this image that was posted or regarding what updates are made to the model but we are hoping to receive some clarification on two separate Range Rover models before we assume this is another updated model. As soon as we receive word on this model, we will have all of the latest updates for you right here at Shortfall.


More financial stability and jobs to emerge from autonomous driving technology?

Autonomous driving technology is something that is on everybody's mind recently and over the past year we have certainly some advancements in this field. Volvo have already began tests on the new technology and Tesla just last week also confirmed that some of this new technology will find its way to their Model S with their next system software upgrade. However, recent research has shown that when this new technology does finally arrive on our roads, it could help to benefit financial stability and create more jobs in the United Kingdom. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, they say that when these new cars are developed, they will open up around 320,000 job vacancies here in Britain, will lead to a reduction of traffic accidents and will also bring in around £51 billion in revenue for the country. This would be a big deal for the United Kingdom but we sense that we are still quite some time away from full autonomous driving technology being introduced into our vehicles.  

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